Hurst Car Sales 123 Promise

To cut down the hassle for yourself we go the extra mile by insuring 3 thing as a standard offering from Hurst Car Sales

1, all our car will come with long MOT’s so you know you don’t have to have the trouble of added cost or wasting time and you can start enjoying your purchase straight away as opposed to the majority of dealer that have more focus on their margins rather than making the process easy for you.

2, we will also provide a complementary service on all our cars to inject that extra performance out of our cars and again cutting the need to have to spend anything else after you buy a car from ourselves (*This will be interim level service of Oil, Oil Filter you can upgrade to the next service level which will be an additional cost)

And 3, we promise to have an open and honest policy on all of our car's to give you as much information about the car, So  we strive to the best of our abilities to try and take all doubts away from yourselves and make sure you know the quality product you are buying from us.

And that our 123 promise



We are independent dealership based in the beautiful West Midlands in the United Kingdoms 2nd City Birmingham. Having been established for over 20 years, we have the experience and knowledge that is essential to buy and sell quality used cars. The cars we sell are very competitively priced and represent excellent value for money.

Hurst Car Sales Limited knows what our valued customers are looking for when searching for their next car; after all it’s a big decision, so we endeavour to assist all of our valued customers with the most suitable vehicle to match their personal needs. We believe you need to feel comfortable and relaxed and that’s just the beginning as we like to remind people how we will always be here to help and we have had many customers who come back to us, Our main priority is to have each customer leave our dealership completely satisfied, because we value each customer’s business and the trust placed in us.

Our aim is to developing a good relationship with you, we strongly believe in the optimum customer satisfaction before, during, and after a sale; our rapport with our customers begins from the moment you make your initial enquiry before the point of sale to make your car buying experience easy, pleasant and hassle-free.



Why are we different?

Unlike traditional car selling companies Hurst have moved from the traditional route of selling cars to actually sourcing cars for our customers, which many of our customers opt for. We still sell cars but we felt we needed to offer more value and take the car sales industry to the next level and we believe sourcing to be the future. Sourcing has become a new and popular area for ourselves. We have a large number of customer's coming to us for all sorts of cars with various different requirement from price, mileage, fuel consumption right down to the look. We gain satisfaction in having happy customers with their needs & wants met 100% as we know these are mere products but  part this is an important purchase as it will be a big part of your life you will be buying for the next few years and we want it to be the perfect addition. We have evolved as a company and felt that the motor trade industry didn't listen to the needs of the customers this was our own personal feeling, we at hurst like to actually listen to what our customers need and then our dedicated sales team can get to work. This also provides us with greater savings as we can become more efficient in our working, which we can then pass onto you our valued customers as we don't have the traditional car sales approach of stacking cars high and trying to shift so our whole approach is right from the offset. We keep in mind to offering you now what we have in stock but what you want. But we still sell car's and only keep the car we feel are of the standards that we expect from being a Hurst's products. And we have such a high customer base we don't need the large lots for our cars we have such a high turnover from our cars coming in and going back out we can pass these saving onto yourself also as many of our cars are what our customers want rather than picked from a number in a lot. Having a dedicated sales Team we now have a buying & Sourcing Team that can work together so we can save time by keeping in stock care that a great value that even we can't turn down as well as car we know are what our customers want.\

IMI Membership

We have moved into improving our service by becoming recognised Members of IMI, which is a big honour for us showing us that we are achieving the industries recognised high standards that can and should be expected from us by IMI for our customers and we will continue to achieve more successes, without forgetting out ethos and morals of ensuring our customer don't compensate price for quality.