“Here at Hurst Car Sales We know how daunting it is buying a car, after all we go through the same on a daily basis with our very own purchases so we decided at Hurst that we would give you some tips of the trade to make sure you to can become an expert and make sure you know your making the right choice”

Harry - Head Mechanic

Harrys Tip 1 HPI all the way, not just the small £2 check, its worth paying the extra and doing a full check as text check do not always revel all the information

Harrys Tip 2 when ever i personally go to buy a car which i have fallen in love with, it always wise to take someone that doesn't like or need the car who would not have a cloud judgement and will try and always tell you not to buy the car. The advantage of this is that you scrutinise the car to a better level and it's guaranteed to ensure you have cover any potential problems.

Harry Tip 3 Always view the car in daylight, never be scared of waiting even if it means you could lose the car as viewing the car is key if you can see everything.

Harry tip 4 not everyone is a mechanic so from a few extra tip to ensure a car is mechanically sound, check tyres always open the engine and check coolant and oil levels, ask the car to be started to listen out for any rattles

Harrys tip 5 Make sure you always get a test drive and ensure you test cornering and ensure the radio is switched off during the who test and keep a window open to be able to hear more

Harrys tip 6 check all the cars paperwork where as MOT's & Mileage will be covered by the HPI proving the condition of the car is still hard without checking the service history so don't be shy to take extra time and ring up some or all the garages as fake servicing has become a major problem these day

Harrys Tip 7 last but my most important tip is always google search for the car you are thinking of purchasing or by ringing a main dealer as to what are the key maintenance milestones such as when the cambelt should of been changed which for most cars over 80,000 miles you should expect the cambelt and water pump to be changed or you should expect this reflected in the price

Hope these help guys happy hunting

Harry - Head Mechanic